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Kalibo is the capital of the province of Aklan, Philippines. Kalibo is located in the north-west of Panay its airport provides the main access route for the beach resort island of Boracay. Kalibo is famous for the woven pineapple silk (piña) that is the darling of Philippine fabrics and the choice of the elites and the landed. The municipality is known for the Ati-Atihan festival and for the semi-urban and multi-awarded mangrove forest, the Bakhawan Eco-Park.

Unique Things to Do in Kalibo, Philippines

  • Ati-atihan Festival The mother of all Philippine Festivals, the Ati-atihan of Kalibo is full of great vibe, color and pomp as revelers colored in black don elaborate costumes that are specifically identified with this festival.
  • Museo it Akean Housed in a building built during the Spanish colonial era in 1882, the Museo it Akean is a good place to start and get to know more about the province.
  • Aklan Freedom Shrine The Freedom Shrine of Aklan honors the 19 martyrs during the revolution against Spain and serves as a World War II memorial as well.
  • Kalibo Cathedral The cathedral is where the popular image of the Sto. Nino, different from that of Cebu is enshrined.
  • Bakhawan Eco Park Bakhawan Eco Park in Barangay New Buswang is a showcase of environmental efforts. Formerly just empty mud flats, it was reforested by the Kalibo Save the Mangroves (KASAMA) NGO and has been recognized and awarded, local and international, community based forest management project that the UN’s FAO considered as exemplary, in the whole Asia and the Pacific.
  • Tigayon Hill Located at the outskirts of Kalibo town, Tigayon Hill is an interesting spot filled with history.
  • Beautiful and colorful handmade paper at Papierus Papierus Arts and Crafts not only provide interesting and beautiful handmade paper for different use and occasions, from decors to notepads and specialty cards and other products.
  • Dela Cruz House of Piña Aklan is probably the center of piña (pineapple) fiber weaving in the Philippines with the queen of fibers grown and cultivated, prepared, woven and made into different use. The Dela Cruz House of Piña showcases the different, high quality fabrics that they produce and export.
  • Try Aklanon cuisine
  • Aklan has not only a distinct language but it has interesting cuisine as well. There’s the binakoe, a version of the binakol which is stewed native chicken cooked inside bamboo tubes.

Flying from London to Kalibo

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Flight Schedule of Philippine Airlines for London Heathrow (LHR) To Kalibo (KLO)

London Heathrow Airport LHR:
Operating Days: 7days a week
Departure LHR: 21:50 pm
Departure terminal: 3
Arrival Manila (MNL): 18:40pm
Stopover Manila (MNL): 15hrs night stopover
Arrival Kalibo (KLO): 09:40 am
Return Flight
Operating Days: 7days a week
Departure Kalibo (KLO):10:30 am
Arrival Manila (MNL): 11:30
Stopover Manila (MNL): 2hrs
Departure Manila (MNL): 13:30 pm
Arrival LHR: 19:25 pm
Arriva terminal: 3
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